Forest Rumble! <3 OUYA

Weeehaaa! We’re back and now with a game for OUYA! If you don’t know what OUYA is then we’ll tell you. OUYA is a small android driven TV console which was funded through Kickstarter. OUYA is still one of the kickstarters who has gained the most money through the service with a whopping $8,596,474.

So why did we choose OUYA? The idea of making games to a TV console, which you can play with your friends in the couch sounded too amazing to pass! Three of us supported the project and now, almost two years later, we will soon release or first game to OUYA!

So what type of game is it? We wanted to make a party type game which you could play with your friends. Fun, fast paced and with a lot of random fun in it! With those thoughts Forest Rumble came to be.

Panda fighting racoon

We are currently working on the trailer and the last bits and pieces which are needed for publishing on OUYA store. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Jonas @ chillbro studios

Mail Delivery Boy 1.0.3 Released!

We just released Mail Delivery Boy version 1.0.3. Get it on Google Play!

Download (Free)

Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed problem with reversed steering while starting the game in portrait mode
  • Decreased memory usage to improve performance, especially for older phones
  • Added ability to unlock levels using stamps
  • Added info dialog, displayed before playing each level, showing highscore, achieved letters etc.
  • Added level names for easier navigation and sharing
  • Minor bug fixes

Full changelog over at the Mail Delivery Boy Changelog.

Try it out, rate it on Google play and tell your friends about us! Send us a mail or comment on this post if it’s anything you’re wondering about. It doesn’t matter if it is a question about developing games or how the lives for upcoming game devs are!

Keep on bouncing…
Jonas Bergström
chillbro studios

About Improving

So I’ve been a gamer my whole life, starting from when I was about six years old and my neighbor and I played commander keen on DOS. Playing games takes a lot of time, but by putting down the time you usually become very good at the game you’re playing. When I got older it was not something wierd if I played computer games for eight hours every night of the week.

Going into the university and now with having a company aside from school I have lost a lot of time for gaming, which sometimes feels sad. But in the company I’ve gotten the chance to use one of my skills which I haven’t polished so much, my drawing. Now during the vacation I’ve gotten back into it somewhat but it’s going slow. But I think it was a week ago I watched this video featuring Will Smith doing a inspirational talk:

This video got me thinking that I wanted to improve my drawing and painting skills. If I would paint as much as I play games I would probably be awesome! To get me going I’ve been watching a video from the environment artist Noah Bradley ( If you want to look at the video you can find it in this blog post. To download it you have to use “pay with a tweet” which is a service for example artists, which they can use to give away art or music and getting some publicity back from you.

If I finish some drawings I might put the up here everyone to laugh at, until then, stay cool!

Jonas Bergström
chillbro studios

Vacation & Mail Delivery Boy

After a nice vacation we’re back at work. With everyone having their master thesises and work just around the corner our work has been a little slow as of lately.

Mail Delivery Boy is running and through feedback we have now analyzed the game. By doing this we found a couple of things we need to change, so an update will be coming up shortly which hopefully will improve the gameplay. You will soon be able to use your collected stamps for the first time in the game’s history!

Be on the lookout for the new update: Mail Delivery Boy 1.0.3 coming soon!

Jonas Bergström
chillbro studios

Mail Delivery Boy 1.0.2 Released!

We just released Mail Delivery Boy version 1.0.2. Get it on Google Play! Improved adaption for different display sizes. Added game version to the information view. Fixed a few bugs causing crashes.

Download (Free)

Version 1.0.2
  • Improved adaption for different display sizes and ratios
  • Display game version in the game information view
  • Fixed a few bugs causing crashes

Full changelog over at the Mail Delivery Boy Changelog.

Keep spreading!
Thank you all for trying out our game! <3 Keep spreading the game and remember to send us crashes, bugs feedback.

Keep on bouncing...
Freddie Pettersson
chillbro studios

Mail Delivery Boy 1.0.1 Released!

Mail Delivery Boy was just updated to version 1.0.1. It is now live and available on Google Play for free! Enabled skipping the intro cinematic and minor bug fixes (mostly graphical glitches).

Download (Free)

Version 1.0.1
  • Enable skipping intro
  • Minor bug fixes

Full changelog over at the Mail Delivery Boy Changelog.

We would love to hear from you!
Please, help us get better. Post feedback either here below, on Google Play, on Twitter, on Facebook or by email to

GL & HF!
Freddie Pettersson
chillbro studios

Mail Delivery Boy has arrived!

Prepare to be amazed!

After months of preparation, programming, drawing and playing it is finally here – Mail Delivery Boy! It is now live and available on Google Play for free, get it from the link below!

Mail Delivery Boy on Google Play

You get to help the alien Bob through 45 amazing levels featuring angry dogs, sharp spikes, dangerous lasers, whirly fans, moving platforms, collectable stamps and more. Try to get three envelopes on each level, then post your top scores on facebook or twitter and brag to all your friends!

So go and try the game and if you like to, give us some feedback either here or in the Google Play comments. We love that juicy feedback!

Check out the video as well:

chillbro studios team

Good news and bad news

Let’s start with the bad ones

The nominees of Swedish Game Awards 2012 has been revealed, but sadly we’re not among them. But we won’t let this slow us down and we will keep on finishing the game! We will attend the event at the Stockholm central station to try out the other competitors games, do it as well if you’re in the vicinity, they look amazing.

So here comes the good news! We will be releasing Mail Delivery Boy in the next couple of days! With a smashing 45 levels! Hundreds of stamps to collect, great music, epic sounds (home made as usual) and even more stuff. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do!

So tell all your friends that soon, really soon, Mail Delivery Boy will be available for anyone with an Android device!

chillbro studios

On the Path to Glory

And off it goes!

We have now sent our game off to the judges of Swedish Game Awards. After having put down a bunch of hours into this using coffee, pizza and computers, we can now relax for the first time in 6 months! We will keep developing the game and release the game onto Google Play for everyone to try in a month or so. While you wait, check out our trailer and if you like it, share it to friends and family!

Help us hype the game over at the Mail Delivery Boy Competition Entry Page

chillbro studios

Sound makes games awesome

Sure, a game can have the most amazing graphics, great game mechanics and be really good. But according to us a game isn’t complete without awesome sounds and music.

Although, we have yet to finish all our sounds for Mail Delivery Boy, we have learned a lot along the way which we would like to share. So here we go: Stuff to do when recording sounds!

Start by thinking about how your game should be portrayed. Make sure you have a clear view of which category you want your game to be put in. The style and type of sounds should be thought through carefully with the game category in mind. If you have a cartoony or goofy child game you probably want a different set of sounds than if your game is a horror or oldschool game. The sounds enhances the experience of the game, so making good sounds and having a good sound profile is crucial.

Become familiar with your favorite sound editing program. We use Audacity because it’s really easy to use and have a great noise reducer (yes, it’s free and open source too :D ).

Record… A lot! It takes time to go through all the material, but it’s better to do 10-15 takes and end up with one you like, than to end up having two bad ones.

When recording sounds; use anything and everything. A shoe, an empty bottle or just your own voice can make wonders (we’ve used this a lot). And if you can’t manage to get the exact sound you want, you can also modify it later in your audio editing program.

If you want you can use computer generated sounds. They can sometimes sound quite artificial, but if you’re lucky you might find a couple of sounds which fits your game perfectly. Here are some links to a couple of sound generators.

Remember, finding the perfect sounds is actually quite hard and requires a lot of time. But if you put enough thought and time into it, you will end up with a game feeling way more polished and awesome than ever before!

Good luck on your quest of finding the epic sounds for your game!
Jonas Bergström
Freddie Pettersson
chillbro studios